So, at BlogHer ’09 we had a lot thrown at us… avatars that become real live faces, valuable information during sessions and all types of Swag from laundry detergent to snacks to cameras…yes it was pretty cool.
I have some favorite snacks that actually got me to go to Target to hunt them down and ended up being unsuccessful because they are either not out yet or Target doesn’t carry the product, either way, I’m on a mission to find Quaker Oats Tortillaz chips in Zesty Guacamole because I’m craving them in a bad way. I actually grabbed a bag between sessions at BlogHer, but didn’t end up eating them until late in the evening and then the next day I saw them again and made a bee line to the table handing them out.

I also really like the Sobe lifewater in acai fruit punch. Very tasty and at 0 calories…even better. Not sure about the cost, but one bottle filled two glasses with ice and quenched my thirst!
Hershey’s handed out Bliss bars and if you love creamy chocolate…who doesn’t, then grab a Bliss bar. I’m a huge fan of dark chocolate not only for the strong chocolate taste, but also for the health benefits, so I enjoyed the rich creamy Bliss bar in dark chocolate.
Last, but not least…my daughters loved the Weight Watchers brownies I brought back from BlogHer. I honestly haven’t tried them myself, but I have two picky eaters who begged to have a brownie and then begged for more. Nuff said:)
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Courtney is the traveling mom! She has 3 girls and is the founder of Detroit Mommies and currently lives in Florida. You can follow her on Twitter @courtneyRVL.
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Deb - Mom of 3 Girls
Deb - Mom of 3 Girls
13 years ago

I really liked the acai fruit punch Lifewater too! 🙂

13 years ago

the weight watchers brownies are awesome!! loved them!! and the bliss…i'm not a chocolate fan but those were too yummy!!