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Low Calorie St. Patrick’s Day Poke Cake

  Low Cal Poke Cake Detroit Mommy bloggers were recently exchanging e-mails about St. Patrick’s Day topics we could write about. When Kathy suggested her St. Patrick’s Day Poke Cake, I was suddenly really...

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Fun St. Patricks Day Food Idea For Kids

If you want to make veggies fun enough for kids to want to eat them, try this St. Patrick’s Day snack that’s creative and healthy for kids. Slice a green bell pepper width wise;...

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St. Patricks’s Day Poke Cake

This is a fun cake to make and it’s really moist and flavorful.  This recipe came from the Jello website.  You can use any flavor/color of jello, I used green for St. Patricks’s Day. ...