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Review: Samsung Charge zooms past 3G 0

Review: Samsung Charge zooms past 3G

When I saw the commercials for the Verizon 4G LTE phones, I thought “who needs that?” It’s sort of like how in the 90s when we were perfectly happy chugging along on our 56k modem when suddenly there was blazing fast cable access and we were like “do we really need that.” Oh yeah, you will want it faster.


Samsung Galaxy Tab takes the cake

Before demoing the Samsung Galaxy Tab, no single device caused me to actually caused me to question my phone. I’ve reviewed a Droid X for crying out loud. And while it’s an amazing phone, I was okay with going back to my Droid Eris and living my life. Ever since this sweet little tablet arrived, I have wondered if I should make the switch back to a basic phone and purchase the Galaxy to carry around with me for mobile use.