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Three Delicious Blueberry Recipes

We Have Some Delicious Blueberry Recipes Just for You! We love blueberries! Each year we drive to the Holland area in southwest Michigan and pick tons of blueberries. Most of them go in the...


Summertime Banana Splits with M&M’s®

Summertime Banana Splits with M&M’s Who doesn’t love a good ice cream sundae!? How about one with M&M’s? Yum! We’ve put together a yummy recipe of the most delicious summertime treat you’ve ever had!...


Low Calorie St. Patrick’s Day Poke Cake

  Low Cal Poke Cake Detroit Mommy bloggers were recently exchanging e-mails about St. Patrick’s Day topics we could write about. When Kathy suggested her St. Patrick’s Day Poke Cake, I was suddenly really...