The 10 Responsibilities of a Grandparent

10 Responsibilities of a Grandparent

As the stages of life advance, the stages of our responsibilities advance too. From taking care of ourselves, to taking care of our spouses and businesses, to most exciting and most challenging of all... taking care of our children and our children's children. What is expected of us then? First, we are responsible for being trustworthy leaders, for allowing those who follow … [Read more...]

8 Cell Phone Etiquette Tips for Kids and Teens

Cellphone Etiquette Tips

They other day I was at the airport flying from Minneapolis to Chicago. With an hour to spare, I decided to dive into a book I'm reading, "Lean In". One problem. A teenage boy was pacing back and forth while speaking loudly on his phone which made it impossible to concentrate. I would have moved, but the full passenger waiting area forced me to put my book away and … [Read more...]

Bullies Come in all Ages

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.48.27 PM

One of those kids ready to dive in and soak it up, my daughter had just started kindergarten. Well liked by her teachers and peers, she made friends easily. Everyone liked Kate. Everyone but Mary. Far from the nicest kid in the class, Mary chose Kate as her punching bag. The last straw fell the day it happened right in front of my eyes in the carpool line. Mary packed a … [Read more...]

September Michigan Festivals

september michigan festivals

Whether you are looking for a short road trip or some local family fun, get ready for some fall fun with these September Michigan events!   September Michigan Festivals August 22 - Oct 4: Michigan Renaissance Festival - Holly September 3 - 7: Michigan Peach Festival of Romeo - Romeo September 4 - 6: River Country Logging Festival - … [Read more...]