15 Fun Exercises and Indoor Activities For The Kids

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Let’s Move And Have Fun With The Kids With These 15 Indoor Activities

We’ve put together 15 fun indoor exercise activities for kids of all ages. Get them up and moving! We encourage giggling too! Should Mom and Dad join in? Of course, they should, these are great ways to “move” and bond at the same time.

  1. Obstacle course: Create an obstacle course with toys and furniture with specific mental and physical routes to keep it challenging.
  2. Wheelbarrow and crab races: Partner up and go!
  3. Animal races: Frog it across the room or hop like a bunny. Duck waddles races are extra fun too!
  4. Jump rope: Great way to get in shape and get your heart rate going!
  5. Balloon fun: Play volleyball over the sofa or just try to keep the balloon off the ground. Want to be challenged? See who can pop more balloons in a given time by sitting on them one at a time. Be sure to set the timer!
  6. Popcorn pushups: Line up small bowls of popcorn on the floor and place a child or family member at each one. Watch your form, lower yourself slowly and stick out your tongue. Try not to giggle yourself to a fall!
  7. Follow the leader: Work the room or visit each room in the house by offering a follow the leader game with squats, hopping and funny movements.
  8. Headstands: Be careful and spot each other. Who has the best form? Who can hold their headstand the longest?
  9. Dance party: Turn on the music and shake your booty!
  10. Scavenger hunt: Hide ten items and then write up clues for the kids to try to find them.
  11. Tag with tickles: Someone is “it” and the others “run”. The one tagged gets tickled!
  12. Bubble wrap attack: Jump and pop until you can’t take it anymore!
  13. Hallway bowling: Place water bottles in bowling pin form and bowl with a soccer ball or basketball for the perfect strike.
  14. Jumping jacks: Another great way to get the heart rate going! Try dance moves, one foot hopping and twirling.
  15. Bubble fun: Blow bubbles and let your little ones clap them, smash them, and stomp on them. This is extra fun for the toddlers in your home.

Do you have more fun indoor activities to share? Please share them in the comments below. Let’s have indoor fun together!

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