Learn to Love Yourself in the New Year

New Year Resolutions


Will Your Resolutions Allow You to Love Yourself?

Today is the last day of 2018. If you haven’t already, it’s time to reflect on last year’s resolutions and how you accomplished or didn’t accomplish them. If you accomplished your goals, congratulations!  If you didn’t, maybe they weren’t realistic. What if setting high resolution goals isn’t for you?  It’s totally possible and it’s totally okay.

It is estimated that under 10% of people who set resolution goals will actually follow through on their resolutions. The other 90% are known to fail and after a few weeks, they tend to shrug off their once anticipated dreams and goals.

Many people set high expectations for themselves like ‘losing 20 lbs’ or ‘putting away extra money each month’. Other popular goals include spending more time with family and experiencing more travel. The first two aren’t high on the charts as far as success rates go, but the second two are. If losing weight or putting money aside is important to you, start with trying to lose 10 lbs instead of 20 and put away $20 each month instead of trying to put away $100. Keeping your goals but setting lower limits will allow you to succeed and when you succeed, you’ll be proud of yourself instead of disappointed in yourself.

This year my goals are to not let people walk all over me, learn how to say “no”, travel more, spend more time with my family, take on jobs and opportunities that intimidate me (for challenge and growth) and to change my hair style (my hair style has been the same for a few years now). For me, these are challenges but challenges I know I can do. Instead of making high demands on myself, I also plan to be easier on myself and to allow myself some freedom between decisions and tough situations. You know, learn to love myself. Somehow we lose that self-love each time someone craps on us or when a personal goal isn’t met. If you’re a perfectionist like me, then you know exactly what I mean.

So, how about you do the same?  Set goals for yourself that you know you can do. Goals that allow you to love yourself in 2019.  You deserve to be loved so start the new year off by loving yourself first. I’m certain success will follow.  Let’s try it together!


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Shannon Lazovski

Shannon is a busy working mother of two and is a professional blogger of 14 years. She's a business owner, a social media strategist, a fashionista and a beauty buff who exudes professionalism and knowledge on all four subjects. She is the CEO of Glameselle Beauty and The Lazov Agency as well as the owner of GlamorousMoms.com, DetroitMommies.com & DetroitFashionNews.com. She loves to promote products and brands she adores and is a trusted voice. Shannon has been awarded the Elite 40 under 40 award and has been featured on Fox 2 Detroit, WDIV Channel 4, WXYZ TV20 and Channel 7 Detroit, Dedicated Mag, Styleline Magazine and Metro Parent Magazine. When you see her, ask her about her lipstick collection!

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