Enjoying Dine n’ View at Emagine Royal Oak

Have you ever been to Emagine Royal Oak? This Emagine location knows exactly what we need when we’re looking for a fun night out. Emagine Royal Oak doesn’t just offer the opportunity to view a movie. The Royal Oak location offers a full service restaurant, a full service bar, a concession stand, private party rooms, a bowling alley and now a Dine n’ View program for those who want to combine their dinner and movie experience into something a little easier and a little more relaxing.

Located downtown Royal Oak, Emagine Royal Oak now provides guests the opportunity to take it easy while they treat you to exceptional service. In theater 10, moviegoers can get cozy in their soft, plush reclining seats and order their drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic available), appetizers and dinner right from their cozy spot. The Dine n’ View program is perfect for date night or a family fun day and is available at no extra charge.  This program really changes the movie experience altogether and is more enjoyable for guests of all ages.

A few days ago, we were invited to try the Dine n’ View date night experience and were treated to view the original Jurassic Park in celebration of Jurassic World: Falling Kingdom to come out this June. I was thoroughly impressed with the new idea and was relieved that we didn’t have to wait in the long concession line for our food and drinks. It was a nice change that I definitely could get used to!

Click here for more info regarding private parties, bowling and the Dine n’ View program. This is a location and a new service you must try for yourself!



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