How to Plan the Perfect Summer Road Trip for the Whole Family to Enjoy


Road tripping is an American tradition families across the country enjoy each Summer. A summer road trip can be fun for all ages and cost-effective, especially for families of 2 or more children. On that note, for some, it’s hard to plan the perfect time to travel when the kids have busy schedules. For moms, planning and packing for a trip can be a daunting task and can be overwhelming at times if you’re not organized. These tips will help you to plan the perfect summer road trip for your whole family, including fun for mom.

How to Plan the Perfect Summer Road Trip for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Plan a Comfortable Ride in the Car

Whether you are road tripping in a van, car, RV or SUV, comfort is the main factor of the trip. Radio stations may not come in, in certain areas on the road so think about downloading your favorite music to listen to while traveling. Downloading movies on a tablet, bringing a good book and packing drinks and snacks can help the ride become more enjoyable and cost effective as well. Blankets, pillows and a favorite stuffed animal should also make the trip for each loved one riding along more comfortable.

Choose a Fun Scenic Route with Enjoyable Stops

To enjoy the true road trip experience, you may need to plan a route that takes you off of the major Interstate and onto smaller scenic roads as long as it’s time effective in getting you to your destination. If you’re not in a hurry, plan a path where you can visit the beach, major landmarks, or museums along the way. 

Experiencing the Ride is Half the Fun

Experiencing the ride is truly half the fun when you are road tripping. The time in the car should not be boring, and instead, should be a family fun experience. Kids love playing classic road games, such as the license plate game. Consider listening to educational or enjoyable audio books together, or make fun conversations with the kids about future plans like “when I grow up” or “I want to live…”. In addition, schedule stops every few hours so that you can get out and stretch your legs and move around.

Whether you are traveling to the countryside, dessert, the beach, the mountains or someplace else on your road trip, be sure to make the experience in the car as enjoyable as possible. These tips will help you to plan the best road trip experience possible and experience memories that will last a lifetime.


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