Mother’s Day GIVEAWAY & REVIEW ~ The Rustic Thorn ~


Giveaway Winner will receive a 12 X 20 sign similar to the above picture! 

~ The Rustic Thorn ~



I’m not sure if it is just my hubby, or typically ALL men lately, but do you ever realize how completely last minute they all are? About two weeks ago, my hubby came to me and said, “Oh by the way, we have an engagement party to attend next week and I’m in the wedding! Figure out some type of gift. I was thinking of buying a bottle of some liquor.” Had any of you seen my face, you would have laughed!

For those of you that don’t know me personally, I am a fantastic, thoughtful gift giver. I am one of those people that would rather give the BEST gift ever, than receive it. However, I don’t mind receiving the BEST gift ever…..So, I begin my mission, trying to locate the perfect gift! The future groom has an exquisite art collection with numerous pieces that feature Dr. Seuss.  I thought it might be special to get something with a quote by the author himself . This is when someone recommended The Rustic Thorn, located in South Lyon, Michigan! You can find The Rustic Thorn both on Facebook & Etsy (by clicking either). 

After Ronna, the owner of The Rustic Thorn,  and I spoke, she had a fantastic idea. She was extremely thorough and had wonderful communication with me. She answered all 1,000 questions I had, and used her imagination to include the quote that I had sent her. She created a rustic, personalized frame that fit a 5 by 7 picture  for the newly engaged couple. Below, is the amazing eye-catching 12 by 12 frame she created! Honestly, it was SO stunning that my husband’s friend, the future groom, actually saw the frame sticking out of the basket I placed it in. Please keep in mind, the future groom knows fine art, when he sees it AND didn’t even have an idea the frame included a quote from Dr. Seuss himself until he took it out of the basket! Once he saw that, he was in awe – as was the future bride – to -be. Ironically, when they were first dating, she bought him a card saying that exact phrase I chose ~ we had NO idea!!! The striking frame was passed around the table, and I promise all the guests were highly impressed!!! 


Please note: the frame above included a lovely picture of the newly engaged couple. I decided to keep them anonymous and edited the picture

Just a little background information: The Rustic Thorn was created by Ronna Thornton in 2014. Ronna specializes in custom made items, and will cater to each customers needs and wants. She loves working with wood and mason jars especially. Please view her Facebook page and Etsy site. Rustic decor is her specialty. Her prices are VERY reasonable and her turnaround time was amazingly quick! The quality of her work is shown by some of the pictures I have included, but as a customer – I LOVED what she created for me.  I was fortunate enough to find her and lucky enough for her to create something s special. Honestly, I believe she can create something for anyone!!

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Now for the GREAT news ~ THE GIVEAWAY (which is the sign located above at the beginning of the post!!!!!!! Ronna, the owner of The Rustic Thorn,  is willing to create something special for someone YOU love, just in time for Mother’s Day!! All you have to do is comment below, and let us know who you would give this 12 by 20 sign to, however, you can keep it for yourself!!! She can do ANY color you chose and she can add any name you would like too! As soon as we  have a winner, I will place her in contact with you! Please remember , if you don’t win, it would be great to order something amazing from her for Father’s Day, a birthday, 4th of July, or summer!!! I will be placing my next order for my Dad, who my daughter calls Gagla! He will be celebrating 15 years of being cancer-free this year!!! I can’t wait to collaborate with Ronna!! 

The giveaway starts NOW, Tuesday, April 26th 2016 and will end on Sunday, May 1st 2016 at 10am est. Please note, I will check the time stamp of all entries that come in!

GOOD LUCK to you all!!! 



I was given the frame, in exchange for posting a review and giveaway……
 CONGRATULATIONS Lynn L.!!! Enjoy your special Mother’s Day gift! Thanks to Random Choose Comment #18 was chosen:
” I would love to give this to my mom! She has done so much for our family each and everyday caring for our kiddos while I sleep (I work midnights) and always doing the little things to make my life easier. I feel so blessed that my girls are so close with her.”
Ronna will be contacting you shortly! For those of you that didn’t win this time, PLEASE remember you can order from The Rustic Thorn!! I’m placing my order after Mother’s Day!

18 thoughts on “Mother’s Day GIVEAWAY & REVIEW ~ The Rustic Thorn ~”

  1. I would give this sign to my best friend, Leane. She’s a single mother and does an amazing job with her special needs child. Her only treat is golfing with her dad every once in a while. Her parents are great and help her out but she’s still doing the majority of EVERYTHING on her own while working 12hr shifts as a 911 dispatcher. She’s amazing and deserves to be recognized as such!

  2. I would give this sign to my mom!! I love all of Ronna’s creations and I have some of them in my house. 🙂

  3. I would give this to my daughter who is 37 and expecting her 4th child. She is such an amazing mom to 3 boys 1 of which is handicapped. She manages her house and children and still finds time to take care of me…I am in awe of her! I have truly been blessed with this lovely girl I call my daughter and my friend.

  4. I would love a sign to give to my 92 year old Grammie! Her house was hit by a drunk driver last week and she was so startled by the impact, she fell out of bed and now has a broken pelvis to go along with her broken house. She would love one of these! Ronna does amazing work!!

  5. While I love the macaroni necklaces and rubber band bracelets from my 9 year old daughter, I would be a little selfish and would keep this for myself if I won. I think it would be great for my daughter and I to be able to create this together for Mother’s day, nothing better than a great bonding moment with your child and a wonderful keepsake. I would like to add this is a great blog post, whether I win or not I would buy one of these. Thank you Jill.

  6. Rustic thorn is amazing. She puts her heart into everything she does. I would love to give this to my mom who is 600 miles away. She could look at it every day and smile about how wonderful of a mother and grandmother she is! ❤️

  7. I would get it for myself. I’ve been widowed for 6.5 years, I miss getting presents from my hubby. My mom passed away 1.5 years ago and I miss her terribly. It’s just me and my daughter now, and call me selfish, but it would be awesome to have such abeautiful gift.

  8. I would give it to my sister, who has a disabled child doing it all on her own while working 2 jobs and going to school.

  9. Beautiful work! I would give my sign to my mother. She goes to Florida every year for Winter and would love to have a piece of HOME with her. Simply that, a sign that says HOME with the O being the state of Michigan.

  10. Oh, these are so cute!! Love the 3 jars that are painted like a number 2 pencil, chalk board and ruler!! What a great beginning-of-the-year teach gift!!!
    I would want to give one of these to my mother. Shes the absolute best mother and grandmother to my husband, self, and our 3 kids.

  11. I love the frame! I would keep it but not for a selfish reason. I lost my mom in 2011.When she passed I moved into her house which is the house I grew up in. My mom wanted tobe creamated so I have her in my front room on the mantle in a beautiful urn. I would place the frame by her urn as a gift to her. She was a great mother and I miss her dearly.

  12. I would love to give this sign to my sister who is an awesome mother to my two nieces. My brother in law is in the air force and was deployed for 6 months. During the time he was away my sister worked hard to keep life normal, happy and stable for the girls. She did all of this while parenting alone and living in another state away from the rest of their extended family. She truly is all that is says in the beautiful sign. I think she deserves it and would hang it proudly in her home.

  13. I would love to give this to my mom! She has done so much for our family each and everyday caring for our kiddos while I sleep (I work midnights) and always doing the little things to make my life easier. I feel so blessed that my girls are so close with her

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