21 Polite Gestures That Never Fail to Impress

polite gestures

Manners have fallen by the wayside.  Children rarely remember to say please and thank you anymore and adults aren’t any better at making polite gestures than kids.  My parents stuck with their guns when it came to good manners.  I have taught my daughters good manners and have no leniency in how they treat others.  

Here are 21 polite gestures that never fail to impress: 

  1. Holding doors
  2. Written thank-yous
  3. Using yes ma’am, no ma’am, yes sir, no sir
  4. When walking or reaching in front of someone say, “Excuse me.”
  5. Waiting until everyone at the dinner table has their food before starting to eat
  6. Letting the women at the table order before the men
  7. Men opening any door for a woman and/or children
  8. RSVPing by the requested date
  9. Introducing friends to friends, by name
  10. Waiting to get up from the table until everyone is finished or excusing yourself if a bathroom break is in order
  11. Putting away the cell phone when approaching a checkout counter
  12. Chewing with your mouth closed
  13. Keeping one hand in your lap when eating
  14. Letting your guest choose what to watch on the TV
  15. Serving your guests first
  16. Waiting for people to exit an elevator before entering
  17. Letting people complete their sentence before interrupting and if interrupting, saying excuse me
  18. Helping the elderly load or unload their groceries into or out of their car
  19. Sending cards of condolences, congratulations, well wishes
  20. Waiting until someone you have dropped of enters their house and is safely inside
  21. Remember birthdays by calling or sending a card

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