5 Fun Holidays in March–Great Ideas You Can Use

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March is more than a lion that eventually becomes a lamb! It offers fabulous opportunities to celebrate with your kids and take the blah out of waiting for warm spring days.  There’s more to March than St. Patrick’s Day!  Here are some kid-friendly holidays in March and fun ideas for observing them:

March 2nd: Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

  • Make green eggs and ham for lunch! Use food coloring or chopped spinach to make the eggs green. Yes, you can make green ham too. Just slice a ham and paint the slices with a mixture of green food coloring and water. Don’t forget to read Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham aloud to round out the experience.
  • Play Pin the Hat on the Cat! Read The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, and then create a Pin the Hat on the Cat game. Draw the outline of the cat on paper and paste it onto a larger piece of cardboard. Then, draw and color a red-and-white top hat to pin to the cat. Each child should use a blindfold to try to pin the hat on the cat’s head. This activity can prove a real hit with the younger set.


March 11th: Johnny Appleseed Day

  • Stimulate your children’s imaginations by having them create their own apple trees! Give each child markers, crayons, scissors and construction paper and let them go wild. Tell them the more unique they make their trees, the better.
  • Make these yummy cinnamon apple treats for Johnny Appleseed Day. They are simple but fun to prepare and require only apples, water, sugar and Red Hots candy.


March 20th: Big Bird’s Birthday

  • Honor that popular Sesame Street avian with some real bird watching. Pack the kids up for a trip to a local park or other natural environment, and see how many different types
    of birds you can spot. Provide paper and colored pencils or crayons, and encourage your kids to sketch the birds they spot. Once the drawings are ready, try to identify each bird using birdwatching books you borrowed from your local library.
  • Makes this edible bird’s nest. It’s fun and tasty! You’ll need chow mein noodles and a bunch of yummy edibles like chocolate chips, jelly beans and marshmallow chicks.


March 21st: Children’s Poetry Day

  • What better time to practice writing poetry? Have your children write poetry using various styles, such as basic rhyming poems, haikus (Japanese poems with 17 syllables) or limericks (funny poems with five lines, rhyming in the first, second, and fifth lines, and featuring a rhyming couplet made up of the third and fourth lines)
  • Have a poetry reading! Have your kids recite poetry to the music of their choice. Provide poems written especially for children or have them recite their original poetry. Remember, snap your fingers instead of clapping!


March 28th: National Black Forest Cake Day

  • Bake black forest cake with the kids using this recipe (Use rum extract as a substitute for the typically included alcohol.).  Yum! Yum! Enough said.

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