Littlest Pet Shop 3: Biggest Stars

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Imagine the joy in my six-year-olds face when a package arrived containing Littlest Pet Shop 3 Biggest Stars – the Pink Team!

Jayden is a big fan of Littlest Pet Shop, pink, and of her Nintendo DS, so this game was a hit from the minute we opened it up.

The game has yet to leave her DS and she loves the ten fun mini-games she can play with her pets.

Her favorite Biggest Stars pet is the monkey and her favorite game is when the monkey is a gymnast and he flies into the air collecting bananas.

Team Pink Hearts practice to become the best gymnasts, models, ice skaters, dancers, flyers, fashion designers, and more.

As a lover of pink Jayden enjoys her pets’ cute team uniforms and the dozens of super-fun accessories she’s customized in, of course, pink.

The Biggest Stars competition is the event of year, when the pet-triplet judges look for teams that are a triple threat; cute, peppy and totally talented!  The Pink Hearts star six exclusive pets including the cuddly bunny and the playful cocker spaniel.

“I like the mini-games,” Jayden said.  “Some of the games it doesn’t time you, so I have all the time I want.”

Littlest Pet Shop 3 Biggest Stars also comes in blue and purple and at some stores it comes packaged with actual Littlest Pet Shop Pets.

It’s a hit with my daughter and I’m sure others will love it as well.

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